Commitment of Service and Excellence

Dear Friends:

Our team of professional tourism consultants guarantee top of the line service and a commitment to attend the needs of our guests and their travel agencies. The company is compromised with Puerto Ricans proud of their land, their history and their heritage. All of whom have relentless desire to share with our visitors all that is good, all that is beautiful and all that is wonderful of this side of the paradise, that the Good Lord has blessed with.

The excellence in service to which we are committed starts at the very moment the reservation is made. Expert travel consultants are always  there to answer your question, provide you with any information and assure that our clients have "our island at their feet". The drivers of our fleet are courteous and experienced. Our tour guides are always eager to share with visitors, knowledge, secrets and experience that will enhance their enjoyment of this "Island-Continent".

You will soon discover that Puerto Rico's beautiful beaches, exotic tropical forest and exciting night life is just the beginning. Beyond that, you will find our people , amiable and friendly and willing to give with each "hello" and every smile  a little of the many blessings we have been given.

Dearest friends, the paradise of Puerto Rico is at your feet... and Amador Island Tours is at your service.



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